Stained Glass

images 1-2

The love of color and composition form a solid background to the story telling of stained glass panels. Here the three panes reflect the three seasons through which this home was built as the seasons changed from fall to winter to spring. Tree leaves and needles are indicative of the those found on site. A band of blue speaks to the pond, reflecting the sun's course through the sky on any given day.

Etched Glass

images 3-4

Here again, trees on site are etched into wire glass panels. With pine needles & cones etched on one side and leaves etched on the other, the wire caught in between will appear blurred as one approaches the glass from either side of the interior wall in which the glass was framed.
In this last panel, pineapples were used to mirror the Owners' inclination to cook and entertain since this fruit is synonymous with hospitality. Wired glass was used as required by code, but the borrowed light between the Kitchen and Garage spaces insures a "good look" from either side of the door.

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