materials and finishing

images 1-8

The Owners of this Master Bathroom wanted to overhaul their space from top to bottom. The sole selection they made was a 3x3 Silestone sample. Armed with a couple of favored bath photos and the 3x3 sample, newhaven picked out plumbing fixtures (air tub, lavatories, faucets and showerheads), floor and wall tiles, cabinets, mirrors, light fixtures and paint colors for the neutral walls and the powder blue ceiling. Before and After photos shown here.

image 9

Material selections for this farmhouse Kitchen include:

image 10

This Master Bedroom sports custom painted walls by newhaven.

image 11

Paint colors, cabinets, hardware, sink and faucets determined by newhaven.

image 12

Paint colors, cabinets, hardware and accessories selected and arranged by newhaven.

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