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Our goal at newhaven is to create an environment that is a safe place away − a home base and sheltered refuge. We are passionate about residential architecture and creating the spaces where people will start and end their day. We want spaces that nurture and sustain them in ways that are creative, functional and beautiful. This work is not only exciting, but also an honor.

newhaven designs a wide variety of residential projects. Whether you want an addition, a remodel, a custom home, or an accessory structure, each project embodies creative and functional solutions. Our interactive relationship means you will get a unique design based on your goals and desires.

We design structures with the right scale, massing, and style to complement the environment and community using the information from our clients, the site and its surroundings. This is reflected throughout both the design and construction of the project.

newhaven's goals are to see that:

  • the client's specific needs and requirements are met in creative and functional ways
  • the site context is considered and respected
  • the structure is built with quality materials and construction practices
  • the end product has a positive impact on the people within
  • the end product has a positive effect on the neighborhood beyond

newhaven welcomes the opportunity to design your haven.